Theaters for Gaming- End of Theaters or New Beginning?

Theaters for Gaming- End of Theaters or New Beginning?

As the technology evolves, there are many new horizons that are opening up for theaters and theatrical performance. Wave talked about the unique and innovative performance by Bicycle Ballet. 

Those who work in the business of physical theatrical performance have to adapt with the time. However, there is a new trend and it has everyone wondering about the future of the industry.

The Chaos Room

Let me unveil The Chaos Room . Chaos room basically combines the idea of large screen theaters with that of gaming.

As if gaming wasn’t already in every nook and cranny of our society, now it has found its way into the realm of theaters as well.

This idea is quite innovative. You basically rent out a large theater like screen with your friends for a very unique gaming experience. This is great mix of gaming arcade and cinemas.

Only time will tell whether this idea will succeed. Even it does not, it is a beginning for something entirely new.

How Does it Feel Like?

Why am I so Interested?

You see, I am not just a creative director, I am also an avid gamer. I actively follow the news of all the latest games and hardware on websites like IGN, Gamespot, and Gaming Gearoid.

I even bought a small corner gaming desk in my living dedicated for all of my gaming needs. I have always kept gaming and my work in the theaters separated.

However, ideas like the Chaos Room are springing various new theories in my head. I mean, what if we could combine the elements of gaming with physical theatricals. It could attract a whole new generation and audience.

It could be the revival of live theatrical performance as we know.

Is this a Good or a Bad Thing?

I personally consider it to be a great move forward. We cannot just rely on the audience of the previous generation. The Millennials who are so heavily invested in social media and gaming also need to know about the joy of theaters.

What better way is there to give them what they like? We have to connect with the audience. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if in the near future we have live theatrical performance featuring Halo or World of Warcraft stories.

As a gamer, that would be amazing. Guess what, it is something that our team and I are heavily invested in now. Stay tuned for something great.

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