Theaters vs Cinema vs Television

Theaters vs Cinema vs Television

Let us talk about the best entertainment experience out there.

Currently, there are three main entertainment experiences that you can: theatrical performance, watching a movie (or gaming) in a cinema, or about anything else on a TV including video gaming.

Let us explore each one


I do not mean movie theaters here. I am talking about the theatrical performance that we basically deal with. Theaters are the place where live singing, dancing, drama, plays, musicals etc are organized. It is a place where talent gets shown on live sets without any second take.

The actors are well versed with every second of their performance. No computer graphics are used. Everything you see is live.


Also known as movie theaters, these have been there since a long time now. Ever since the first movie came out, Cinema’s have been the drawing force of today’s film industry. Video entertainment industry would not exist as we know if there were no Cinema’s.

Cinema’s are cheap and affordable compared to modern theaters and therefore hold a very high appeal for many people out there looking for a night out with friends or family.


Television is yet another revolutionary piece of equipment that is found in almost every household. From TV shows, to movies to video games, almost everything can be enjoyed on TVs.

The TV industry has come so far. The video quality can never be matched by any cinema of today. There are 4k, curved extremely slim TVs out there. Can you imagine how many pixels is 4k?

The TV technology is advancing faster than we can imagine.

With the advent of services like Netflix and Hulu, TVs aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

So which is the best?

I am obviously biased towards theaters. I do not think any thing can anywhere to the joy a great theatrical performance can bring. You are basically looking at live people not someone on a tape.

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