Cinemas Renting Out Theaters for Gaming Parties

Cinemas Renting Out Theaters for Gaming Parties

I was as surprised to hear about this as you might be right now (very!). It is hard to imagine the gaming craze is so widespread across the world. Sometimes it is sad to see that we are giving gaming more attention than it deserves. I mean there are other things to enjoy in life such as classical theatrics.

However, that be as it may, I also think this is a pretty feasible and plausible evolution of the cinema industry as we know.

A Small Setup Is not Just Enough

Gaming started off with on small PCs. The CRT monitors were no larger than 15″. However, as time passed and the gaming industry involved, the gamers naturally started looking for more extraordinary means to satisfy their gaming addiction.

That is exactly what is happening right, a small monitor for PS4, xbox or PC is simply not enough. The richer gamers have found innovative means to satisfy their craze.

Some opt to build an entire gaming theater at home. Others resort to renting out an an auditorium at renounced Cinemas.

Cineplex Offer Gaming Parties

Cineplex calls this service Gameon.You can either sign for their tournament or even rent out a theater if you want to hold gaming birthday parties etc.

This is not a myth, it is actually happening and most of the large cinemas are jumping on board the hype to cater to this new audience.

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