Bicycle Ballet – A Twist to The Theatrical Performance

Bicycle Ballet – A Twist to The Theatrical Performance

In our pursuit to find the best theatrical performance for our audience. We try to come up with many unique ideas. This is something that almost all creative directors do. You have to be on your feet always look to please more and more audience.

This is done for both financial reasons and for keeping your mind creative all the time. There are so many great theatrical performances that happen out there.

However, we have never seen anything like the Bicycle Ballet.

What is Bicycle Ballet?

To put it simply, these guys are the real innovators of today’s theaters. They combine the drama, the comedy and the mood of a physical theatrical performance with athletic bicycling.

As if acting and dancing talent wasn’t hard enough, these guys go even further by adding a whole new skill set to physical theatrics: bicycling.

They do not have any specialized bikes for the performance. In fact, they only use the best hybrid bike for women and men out there. Nothing fancy.

This helps in connecting with the audience even more. These guys are ordinary people, who have master the craft of performance.

Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles from Bicycle Ballet on Vimeo.

Mass Participatory Performance

Bicycle Ballet Mass Participatory Performance from Bicycle Ballet on Vimeo.


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